I am a light worker finding my way through the ascension process to the fifth dimension. I offer this guidance to those who are ready to hear it, and in particular, to those souls who have traveled with me before.

Awakening to Ascension

I know I had opportunity to speak to some of you in person about this - but did not take it. This was intentional as the timing was not right for the both of us. My soul led me to creating this website instead to collect what I’ve learned during the ascesion process. That way when people are ready they could find this site in their own time through synchronicity.

I do not know everything about my higher self or ascension. In fact my understanding has changed over time as I learn and uncover more. All I can offer is the wisdom from my own experience in the hope it would help others. I had planned to reach out through a series of fictional novels, telling the story of my soul in the higher dimensions and the parallel Earths I have inhabited. I recently realised though that I no longer needed to write the books to discover more about myself and to get my message across. The world had caught up enough that I could begin to open up about this part of me.

For many years it has been necessary to hold myself in reserve. When it was clear that no words could penetrate and open up the mind to the possibility of Ascension - I offered none. I've had to do my best to judge when someone was open to a concept or not. With time being short on this 3D Earth as we know it I want to help raise the vibration of those I have loved and anyone else willing to listen. If you feel drawn towards my words then I hope they help, but be true to your own heart. Use your intuition to guide you in what to take from my words and what to leave behind. There are as many truths as minds to perceive them.

My Story (in Brief)

The capitalised word ‘Way’ in the phrase ‘Kyna’s Way’ is an informal term for ‘Ascension’ in my world. The events leading up to my (previous) ascension was part of a mass awakening across our small universe after a long time under negative, self-serving control. After some time of recuperation, my soul family and I came to this universe to help this Earth and her people during transition to 5D. As such we have been subject to the same difficulties as the rest of the people of Earth. I still do not know how many times I incarnated here on this planet, but I’m pretty sure it was more than once. In this lifetime at least I have been remembering my life/higher self as Kyna again, and over the last 16 years I have been regaining my memories and strengthening my telepathic abilities, which I’ve had since birth.

My hope is that this blog will help me shine a brighter light for others as they travel on their own paths in their own Way. I will post only when I feel encouraged to share something and I will leave that down to gut instinct. This may mean my posts will be irregular. I’d rather that and get what I can out - than over promise and under deliver.

For more information you can read my About page.

I wish you well on your journey and I look forward to ascending with many of you soon enough, including mother Earth :)

Love Kyna