2016 is Calling

by: Kyna / date: 2016-02-01 / category: Resolutions

At the beginning of 2016 I made an intention. I called out to Source, our Universe, and Gaea and I asked them to guide me towards the calling of my soul. I wanted to know what it was that I could do to help the ascension process here on Earth. Over the course of many days I pieced together the following message from them:

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I needed to:

  • Continue to write Kyna’s Way and build the website now,
  • Introduce more music and dancing into my life,
  • And to take up meditation in the mornings again.
These soon became my New Year's resolutions. Here is what I’ve discovered one month on:


Thanks to a light box technique I got from Tanaath I was able to remove two etheric leaches from my body. They were between my lowest ribs and my lungs on each side. They had been sucking energy from me and caused my breathing to be rather shallow. When they were removed I felt bruised and raw but after about half a day I found the pain and discomfort lessened. After a few days I felt like I could breathe deeper; when I sang it wasn’t as hard to extend my diaphragm. I tried the technique a few more times, just to be sure, but I didn't remove anything further as far as I could tell.

I moved onto the exercises on the Ascension Help website and began working on clearing out my chakras. So far I’ve been able to: clear out a lot of blocked energy from my throat and heart, strengthen my pineal gland and crown chakras, and begin working on my solar plexus and belly - as they are in bad shape and may take some time to work through.


I’ve loved music all my life. I’ve even written a few songs of my own on the guitar. It has been something I've had to let go of whenever I had too much on my plate. (Which has happened to me a lot.) But I feel I’ve been away from it long enough now and it is time for it to come back into my life again. I listen to music every day now, instead of on occasion. Doing so at home means I also get to sing and dance in my living room. I’ve also grabbed the chance to dance at two recent work related social events. Considering I’ve been using a walking cane for 11 years, this isn’t my usual past time. Falling in love with music again is wonderful. Dancing, even if it’s only in small doses, is rapidly becoming my favourite form of work out!

Kyna’s Way

Since the novels are not ready for publication yet, I realised I needed an outlet that I could use to reach out to other like minded people now. I wanted to share the story of my every day life; I realised this side of it was important too. There are others out there going through the difficulties of being an incarnate, or dealing with ascension pains and all that. When that thought sunk in I realised I had found my angle. In a weekend I got the skeleton of this website up and have since been working on articles for this blog.


One of the things I’ve noticed is all three of these resolutions gave energy back to me. I was so inspired that doing the work was effortless. Whereas trying to get through my daily grind has been a real battle at times. Allowing myself to make time for meditation, music, and writing has brought me a keener sense of what drives my soul. I’ve noticed this begin to leak into my everyday life, strengthening my conviction, more informed about what I need.

So the question now is: what is your soul calling for this year?