Dreams of Ascension

by: Kyna / date: 2016-02-05 / category: Dreams

On the 15th of January (two days after a rather big revelation/change in me), I had a rather powerful dream. I do a lot of dream work, including some dream sharing. I've even bared witness, whilst I was dreaming, to events happening elsewhere (that I've had confirmation of after the fact).

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Just before I had gone to sleep on January 15th, I had found out that Alan Rickman had died just a couple of days after David Bowie. I remember thinking so many well known souls were dropping like flies. Then it occurred to me: perhaps they were ahead of the curve and were just ascending. This was the last thought I had as I fell asleep.

The Dream

I found myself in a small hall with many chairs on one side of the room. On the other side there was a kind of small stage that was lit up on one end, whilst the other end seemed to go on forever into darkness. I had my husband on my left and I was in telepathic contact with his soul brother - whom I imagined on the right of me.

I remember hearing among the crowd that 'the 98 had died' and the mumblings in the room made me feel like this was a sign of something to come.

The Blue Dragon

Then they announced that the procession of the Blue Dragon would begin. In the dream I had heard of this before (even though it was news to me afterwards!) and I knew that this was also an auspicious sign. My husband hadn't heard of it so I got my laptop out and found some YouTube videos of the Blue Dragon for him to watch. I saw a blue stripy Dragon, around the size of an overweight human, appear out of the darkness; carried by two men onto the part of the stage that was lit up.

I don't know what I knew in that moment but it was like I realised there was a small window to do something important. I jumped up from my seat, hopped through the crowd, and stepped up onto a particular part of the stage. I went though what felt like a series of tests, of which I only remember the last part. I remember holding a vase of water. Behind me was a reset button, in front of me was someone trying to stop me from accomplishing my goal (but wasn't negative - it was just part of the test). I knew I had to keep facing this stranger but at the same time I had to hit the reset button and I had to do this before he reached me. I then poured the water over my shoulder. I turned just enough to see the button light up. I had completed the task - whatever it was. I saw a glass staircase form to my left against the wall of the room and it was leading upwards.


In that moment I knew that I was ascending. I could see my vision changing and I felt more energy from the room and people around me. I turned and bound up the stairs, stopping half way when I realised that my husband and his brother were not behind me. I knew though that the best way to encourage them to ascend was to do so myself. Once I reached the top of the stairs I woke up.

I felt my sense of self, and the energetic level I was operating on, drop as I woke up and went back into my 3D body. This transition was rather powerful, yet abrupt, and I will never forget it. The dream had been one of the most vivid dreams I had ever had. Once I had woken up a bit more I remember hearing someone in my mind cry 'what have you done!' - as if they were trying to make me feel bad about it. I didn't recognise the source of the voice and I stuck to my guns, I knew inside me it was important and exactly what I should have done - so I paid no attention.


A few days later I found someone talking about the timelines resetting online. I wondered if I was witnessing a related event, or preparing for something to come - even though a lot of it doesn't make sense to me yet. Time is often the true teacher when it comes to dream work, it will be interesting to see what it reveals.