Introducing Soul Theory: Hitting Peak Oracle

by: Kyna / date: 2016-05-20 / category: Soul Theory

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I had my birthday recently (the birthday of my current body I'm incarnated in - not the birthday I had when I was Kyna - which is in December). I hit an important point in the cycle of my soul. I hit what I call 'peak oracle'.

This happens to me on a 30 year cycle and this is the second time it has happened (the last time I was just a little kid). The oracle element of my soul reached the point of highest activity.

The Elements of the Soul

In my home world we have something called Soul Theory, which is rather complex and I'll no doubt explain it more detail on this site at some point. I'm pretty certain it still applies to humans in this universe, but there is no equivalent theory here yet that I know of.

At its most basic it breaks the soul down into 6 primary elements. These can be in different states of activation, and potential, within each of us and people cycle through them at different rates. Just like you can make every colour out of red, blue, yellow, black, and white - so too can you get every soul out of a combination of these elements. Although there are various interpretations of their names and definitions, in the original Standard Model we call these soul elements:

  • Positive: Healer, Guardian
  • Negative: Poison, Thief
  • Neutral: Oracle, Puppeteer

I cycle through each element every 5 years. So the last 2.5 years my soul has been preparing me for hitting peak oracle and it will remain a strong force at least for the next 2.5 years (after which other elements will start to have a stronger effect). So this is an important time for inner reflection and following my intuition. Powerful oracles (those with a high oracle potential that is active) are also know as catalysts - so this is also a good time for embracing change.

So I've hit an ideal time to put the ascension process at a high priority in my life. I hope to share anything I learn on this site as I work through what I must face in order to welcome in my higher self more and more.

A Place of Knowledge

Exactly 6 months before I hit peak oracle (which is the beginning of the 'peak year' - 6 month before and 6 months after) I had a powerful dream:

I found myself in the desert on a small sandy hill. Out of nowhere an old man with a wooden staff appeared to me and I felt like we had met before a long time ago. He was some kind of gatekeeper. He spoke and encouraged me with the words: 'This is your second of three visits. Now would be the best time'. I instinctively knew he was referring to the fact I was approaching peak oracle and it would be another 30 years before I would get this chance again.

He waved his arm and a path appeared that led down into a valley, which housed some large white tents. Although the appearance of the campsite was new to me, I knew that the contents within them was not. This was a place of knowledge that every human had the right to visit - if you could find the entrance. The gatekeeper ushered me down the path and I entered one of the tents. Whilst I was inside I was able to look through countless records of any events in time, or of my past, that I wished to view. When I went back outside they removed my memories of what I had just learned. Only the surrounding events were still intact. I knew that my soul still remembered and would lead me through the (sometimes chaotic) path to peak oracle and ascension. All I had to do was trust and follow my soul.

Soul Theory: To Be Continued...