Beginner's Guide to Soul Theory

by: Kyna / date: 2016-06-09 / category: Soul Theory

Example of a Soulex (Soul Hexagram)
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About four years ago I sat down to recreate the original Soul Theory paper that my Oracle twin flame, Cyrus Simmons, had written in my home world. Even though there were gaps in my knowledge and the paper I wrote was incomplete, I felt compelled to preserve the main ideas as a reference.

At the time it was just background material for the fictional novels that I was producing. I never intended to release it as it was to the public - I had planned to weave it into the novels when it was relevant.

Since I made a decision to ‘come out’ and talk about all this on my website I felt it necessary to rewrite my paper a little; to tailor it to the people of this world during this time of transition. As such I’ve had to remove and change a few terms that maybe confusing, and to move the focus away from ‘time-line travel’ and travel between parallel worlds - and more onto the soul and levels of consciousness. Also a lot has happened to me in the last four years and my understanding of things has changed, so I wanted to update some of the material too. I’ve also included material about Elemental Souls and Whole Souls, which was withheld from the Standard Model by Cyrus. He did this to protect himself, his soul brothers, and myself from too much unwanted attention at the time. Yet this extra information is useful in understanding the general principles of the theory.

Some of the names of the soul elements, or element combinations, were disputed over the years, and so many variations spun out of the Standard Model of Soul Theory. Don’t get too attached to the names, Cyrus picked these only because he thought they were an easy way to convey the traits of those elements to a lot of people. It does not mean it will set your fate in stone to think of yourself in those terms. They are just a means of getting an idea across through the filter of many sensibilities. An example of such a name dispute was the element ‘Poison’ - some suggestions in other variations of the theory are ‘Power’ or ‘Will’. I have stuck to the original name in this guide. I find that Cyrus’s version is the one that I most resonated with so that is what I’ve included here. There are a few additions, pieces of information from other spin offs that add value to the information from the Standard Model though.

There is rather a lot to cover so I will be breaking up this guide into several parts (see below) to make it easier to digest. I hope it will provide some illumination into the nature of your own soul and of those around you.

As always take only from my words what is right for you, leave all the rest behind. This is only my truth.

Love Kyna

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