My Top 3 MUST WATCH Links:

Question #1: What is the problem?

The Most Dangerous Superstition [Book]

Larken Rose
Question #2: Why do we have the problem?

Cosmic Abandonment [Video]

Mark Passio
Question #3: What do we need to do about the problem?

Natural Law - Full Version [Video]

Mark Passio

Here are a few websites I've discovered along the way that have helped me. I don't necessarily subscribe to everything they say, but at least some of their words have been useful:

Mark Passio - What on Earth is Happening (YouTube)

Neil Kramer - Roamcasts

Max Igan - The Crow House

Shamanic Freedom Radio

Divine Light Phases - The Light Worker's Way Through Ascension

The Wake Up Experience - Be Love and Share

21st Century Seeker - For The Awakening

High Heart Life - Denise Le Fay

Energetic Synthesis

Ascension Glossary - Part of the projects at Energetic Synthesis

Anna Sayce

Creative Katrina

Jenny Schiltz

Channeling the Masters

Caroline Oceana Ryan

Alexandrian Kosmos

Open Hand

Shift Frequency

Silver Legion

Ascension Help

Shifting Vibration - Inspiration:Innovation:Motivation:Enlightenment

The Fifth Dimentional Network (Dnet)

'The Shift' eBook by Jim Self (Mastering Alchemy)

Mastering Alchemy Library

Dimensions and Densities - Life on the Cutting Edge

What Is Reality? - Life on the Cutting Edge

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