Beginner's Guide to Soul Theory

by: Kyna / date: 2016-06-09 / category: Soul Theory

Figure 1: The 5 Realms of Existence
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Part 1 - The 5 Realms of Existence

Before I talk about the basic elements of the soul, it's important to know something about the 5 Realms of Existence. They are in affect a spectrum of consciousness that we can tune in and out of with our soul. As far as I have come to understand it, these realms apply to the third and fourth dimensions. Some version of them may also apply in higher dimensions, but I do not have enough information to be sure either way yet.

You should understand that, when Cyrus wrote the Standard Model of Soul Theory, it was before our culture knew about the higher dimensions as we understand them today. The technology that allowed us to travel in parallel worlds in away stunted our spiritual evolution, so it took us a lot longer to understand what life was like beyond 4D. So when we talk about ‘The Void and Beyond’ - this is where our knowledge came to an end at the time. Since then I’ve come to believe that the Beyond is the gateway to the 5th dimension, but this of course subject to change. It helps if you think about these five Realms of Existence as layers within a sphere like the inside of a planet or star (see figure 1 above).

Reality Core

In the center of our sphere, like the inner core of a planet, we have the Reality Core. This is a collection of common sense, and common experiences, that we all have in our every day lives. This is the collective history we share and agree on (out of the whole pool of potential pasts) as well as the shared present moment that we create together.

We consider something as more 'real' the closer you get to the center of the Reality Core. For example, we take for granted that the sky is blue, or the earth revolves around the sun. We find these experiences and concepts near the center of the Core. We find those with alternative views from the rest of the world further out towards the Imagination layer (see below). We find those ideas on the fringe of what we accept somewhere on the boundary between the Reality Core and Imagination Layer.

So for example, we find the collection of knowledge, memories, and experiences about the first moon landing in 1969 somewhere near the center of the Reality Core; since so many people watched it and believe in it. Whilst the conspiracy theories that we never landed on the moon we find closer to the Imagination Layer. Since less people believe in the conspiracy theories they will have fewer souls travelling through them, so we consider them less 'real'. Yet for those who believe in the conspiracy it will still feel real to them. They can still locate that part on the boundary of the Imagination Layer. Whilst others can't see this as they focus on the Reality Core's version of events. This is how we can each have our own truth - even if it’s completely different, or in opposition, to our neighbour's.

Imagination Layer

Then we have our collective imagination. This links to the Reality Core and the Dream Layer (see below). Our imagination can influence the creation of the present moment in the Reality Core, since thoughts influence behaviour. We find every idea, thought, or daydream in the Imagination Layer. Potential futures are here also, but they do not become real until they pass through the Reality Core. Even then it may not match our imagination exactly, such is life. Beliefs held at first by only one person are also found in the Imagination layer. As more people believe in the idea it moves closer to the Reality Core (and may well enter it). How far it travels depends on how many people believe in it and how much each soul invests in the idea.

Dream Layer

This is where our minds go when we dream at night and when we astral travel. It connects to the Imagination Layer, as we can access our imagination within dreams, but also to the Spirit Layer (see below). We can share dreams between one or more people in this space. But just because you share a dream with someone it does not mean they both experienced it on the same night. It could be that one person has to mature first, or has to go through something else before they are ready to open to the dream you have just shared with them. So they can come to the dream at a different point in their lives, when they are ready.

It is also possible to tap into the Imagination layer to see glimpses of potential futures during a 'vision', which generally has a different feeling to a normal dream. Visions can feel more 'real' than dreams. This is because the Imagination Layer you are tapping into is closer to the Reality Core than the Dream Layer is. But because we filter visions through the Dream layer it can become distorted and symbolic and will still need interpretation. If the vision becomes a reality it may not happen exactly as you saw it. You should be able to see patterns and signs in the Reality Core that you can recognise though. This ability in dreams also works the other way towards the Spirit Layer (see below) as ghosts and guides can communicate through dreams to those sensitive enough, or those connected to them.

Spirit Layer

The Spirit Layer connects to the Dream Layer and the Void (see below). When someone passes away they actually go from the Reality Core into the Void (what we call death). Sometimes they come back out of the Void into the Spirit Layer. The spirits tend to fall into two groups: ghosts that cannot let go of their past life yet, and guides who are here to help those still participating in the Reality Core.

Ghosts use this layer as a playground to work through any unresolved problems or pain that is binding them. People in the Reality Core that focus intense emotions onto ghosts can strengthen them and can cause an echo of them to come back (kind of death in reverse). But since they have no bodies they can only extend so far into the Reality Core. Ghosts need not be people, they can be places or animals, but they must have gone through the Reality Core at some point in their existence. Spirits no longer have any unfinished business but choose to appear in a past form sometimes to help someone along their path. Once they complete their mission they return to the Void and maybe on to higher dimensions.

The Void...

Now this is where the sphere analogy breaks down a little. The Void not only connects to the Spirit Layer but it wraps back inward to touch the Reality Core as well, almost like a star imploding in on itself. This is why spirits can travel in both directions, inward into the Dream Layer and outward into the Void (and back into the Reality Core if they are strong enough to travel that far).

Think of each layer like a sponge. The air holes in the sponge are like still frames from a moment in time, memories, or thoughts - depending on what layer you are in. Our souls thread these moments together to make a time-line. So the sponge itself, which encapsulates everything, is like the Void. The Void is pure unleashed potential. It touches everything and you have to go through it to move from one layer (or one moment) to the next.

...and Beyond

When you go deep into the Void you reach a point where the rules seem to change. The soul activity in the realms influence and charge The Void in-between the different layers. It is as if the Void there is anticipating potential moments to create. But when you reach a point far beyond the Spirit Layer, especially if you are alone, you reach a kind of null state. Your whole identity and sense of self can break down as you reconnect with Source on a higher level. I believe that if we go deep enough into the Void, and learn what it has to teach us, we can go beyond into the higher dimensions.

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