Beginner's Guide to Soul Theory

by: Kyna / date: 2016-06-09 / category: Soul Theory

Figure 5: Example of Twin Flame Soulex
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Part 5 - Soul Transitions, Relationships, and Peaks

Counterparts tend to gravitate towards three groups of people:

  • Those who have similar soul activity/division to each other (great minds think alike).
  • Those who have the complete opposite soul activity and are able to balance each other (opposites attract).
  • Those who’s elements neighbour their most dominant element (love thy neighbour). For example, if your dominating element is Guardian you tend to get on with Healers and Oracles (see Soulex diagrams for the order of elements).

As the soul wants balance it will at some point seek out those who have opposing elements active, so that together the elements within the relationship are balanced. But because people can cycle through the elements at different rates, it is not uncommon for friends or couples to fall out of sync with each other. This often can lead to break ups and divorce as people change at different rates. It’s not uncommon for couples who have long lasting relationships to cycle at similar rates and so always stay balanced; no matter what elements are active.

We have seen a few Soulex charts already, but let me explain them in a bit more detail and how a soul will transit over time so that different elements are active. The Soulex is a measurement of a soul's activity at any given point. It can show the activity and/or potential of the elements of that person. The transition is a projection of how the soul activity will alter over time.

When two people are in a relationship (or are close in some other way) what tends to happen is the two souls will try to balance one another. All elements within them are as active as they can be and still balance one another. Couples that grow together, and have souls transiting in a similar direction and speed, are called Soul Mates and they can balance their activity levels best. Imbalanced couples can grow apart because they are transiting in opposite directions, or at different speeds, so their active soul elements may end up clashing over time. In the long run how they transit, and at what speed and direction, can often determine if the relationship will last. Of course there are exceptions to the rule, but this is a good rule of thumb.

Twin Flames (a.k.a Soul Mates that are a perfect match) are couples who balance one another at the moment they meet and transit at exactly the same speed and direction, so that throughout the course of their relationship they are always balanced no matter what elements are active in each individual. They can grow and change together without clashes over the long run. Often their soul transition cycles were in sync long before they ever met. (See figure 5 above.)

When a soul transition line hits the mid point of an element, it hits ‘peak’ influence on the counterpart. This is because at the mid-point it is furthest away from all the other competing elements, so it hits a focal high point. Figure 5 above, for example, shows us that the female has hit peak Healer, and the male has hit peak Poison at that particular moment. Of course, this cycling and peaking happens regardless of if you are in a relationship or not, so just because you’ve hit a peak doesn’t mean your partner has unless you are in a Soul Mate relationship.

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