Beginner's Guide to Soul Theory

by: Kyna / date: 2016-06-09 / category: Soul Theory

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Part 6 - Havens, Hellholes, and Arcadia

We effect the environment around us with our soul elements, and as such we leave a residue of energy in the places we dwell and visit. Places that have a lot of positive souls that are currently living there, or have lived there in the past, we call Havens. This is a place that soaks up the positive energy and can pass it on to all those who visit it. A lot of holy sites, where miracles have happened, are actually Havens.

For negatives, we call these places Hellholes. Wherever you find severe mental illness, war, famine, corruption and infectious outbreaks you will find at least one Hellhole somewhere at the heart of it.

Neutral places we call Arcadia (it’s actually called a different name in the Standard Model but this is an easier replacement). Arcadia is a place of re-balancing and peace. They are places for neutrals, often isolated or surrounded by nature, so they can detach and contemplate their inner nature. Many temples, places where people have declared truces and peace, or have become enlightened - such as the Bodhi tree - are actually Arcadian.

These places attract those who have dominant elements that resonate on the same level (e.g. negative souls are drawn to Hellholes etc.) - this strengthens the energy residing in the place causing a feedback loop. As a result strange things can occur in these charged places, so they can be a powerful way to enhance a particular element with you. For example, if an Oracle wanted to promote peace they would have a bigger effect by taking action from an Arcadian spot than from within a Haven. It is possible for a Haven or a Hellhole to also be Arcadian if a peaceful event takes places there (such as a truce during war-time).

It is possible to cleanse a place of the energetic residue to bring it back into a neutral state once again. This can take a lot of effort if there is a long history of energetic buildup, and there are powerful individuals involved.

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