Beginner's Guide to Soul Theory

by: Kyna / date: 2016-06-09 / category: Soul Theory

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Part 7 - Matrix of Element Combinations

To describe people with more than one dominant element active in their soul there are some shorthand terms devised below. Although there are other variants for these element combinations, these are the terms Cyrus offered based on his experience of observing combinations at the time.

In the table below, you will see the same element named twice (e.g. Guardian and Guardian: Watchman). These are names for people with a mix of elements in their soul, but they have at least twice as much of a particular element than they do of everything else. So to show this strong leaning in a mixed soul (the dominate element) you can use these names if you want.

Positive elements cannot combine with negative elements, so for a soul to have both positive and negative elements active they also need some neutral elements to ‘bridge the gap’. So you won’t find any combinations listed below that combine positive and negative together. Since more than one combination can be at play at once within a counterpart, one combination could be between a neutral with a positive element, and another combination with a neutral and a negative element. E.g. a Rouge Mirror. Or you can have one combination and a single element that is also dominant. E.g. a Poisoned Angel.

These ways of describing souls are useful if some elements within the counterpart have a good relationship with each other, whereas another element doesn’t. In the case of a Poisoned Angel - the Guardian and Healer elements that make up the 'Angel' would have a relationship that was in harmony, whereas the Poisoned element in this case would not - as it is not combined with another element and thus acts on it's own. This is where soul conflict can arise, which may split apart the elements into separate counterparts if the soul division becomes untenable.

I hope you can see that through these various element combinations you have a variety of ways to easily describe the active elements within a counterpart, and how they relate to one another:

PuppeteerSaintStar(Puppet) MasterProphetShadowRouge
OracleKeeperMirrorProphetCatalystDark Eye/WitnessSneak
Poison--ShadowWitness/Dark EyeVillainDemon

It is often the Poison and Oracle elements that start bringing an Elemental soul back together again - once they begin working together instead of the Poison mistrusting and sometimes abusing the Oracle element. As a result is it useful to know if Poison dominates, or not, in this combination. With a dominating Oracle element the soul should start to heal over time. Whereas Poison can tear it apart if it tries to dominate out of fear and mistrust. That is why they have two names when combining Oracle with Poison, so you can tell what the dominating element is. (Witness = Oracle domination, and Dark Eye = Poison domination.)

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