Beginner's Guide to Soul Theory

by: Kyna / date: 2016-06-09 / category: Soul Theory

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Part 8 - Conclusions

There are so many implications that spring out of Soul Theory that I couldn't try to list them all. I do want to go over a few insights that have opened my eyes whilst I have written this guide and during my lifetime as Kyna.

Good vs. Evil

So the question becomes: what does it take for a Healer and Poison to find peace? How can a Thief and a Guardian come to respect one another? How do the Oracles and the Puppeteers try to maintain balance? If you can find the answer to these you can change the world by changing yourself.

I think the first thing to realise is we have to give up our idea of somehow getting rid of all the 'bad' people (or visa versa). All the people that don't fit our culture or world view, the people we think the world would be a better place without no matter what view point you are standing from, are here for a reason. Try as we might we can't get rid of the fundamental elements within us. There will always be Poison out there somewhere, but so will there always be Healers to balance them if need be. Since we are each in a dance between the elements we should learn to accept them all. This is how we can make peace with ourselves. If we can stop the struggle to rid the world from something that can never ever be completely gone then we can give up fighting against a never ending battle and put that energy to better use. That is not to say that you shouldn't act for the greater good, for example, if your elements inspire you to do so. But it does allow us to be realistic and avoid creating unnecessary suffering by wishing for things that will not happen to the degree we are hoping for. This is why it can seem like nothing changes as we watch history repeat itself; when you look back over stretches of time, underneath there is always a common mix of elements at play, no matter what decade or century you look at.

That doesn't mean things don't change at all. People change all the time, but as one person switches soul activity, from Thief to Guardian say, there will be another going the opposite way. In the end it balances out. There will be times when the influence of one element has a hold on the world more than another but these bubbles will burst and other elements will rise up in it's place ad infinitum. So when we look to chart our progress as a whole we should look at what we have done, what changes have occurred in our 'standard of being' and our relationship to our home planet, mother Earth. If we look at this we can see the times have changed a lot.


This also brings about a controversy over the idea of someone being in control of their actions - when it comes to law and punishment. Is it a good thing if someone is expressing their Poison or Thief element (to avoid soul suppression, which will over time lead to mastery of the soul), or a bad thing because of it’s impact on society? If we can’t ‘lock them all up’ is it worth doing so at all? If so, where do we draw the line? This theory raises many implications that can shake our foundations surrounding law and our criminal judicial systems. There is no easy answer to this problem and we debated it in our world for a long time.

Sex and Death

One of the interesting things to note about the transition of human nature from dark to light and back again, is that no matter what mix your soul may be at any given time there are two things that are always remain possible, no matter how unlikely. Just as it is possible for a Poisoned soul to fall in love, even if they have to work through issues of possessiveness, it is also possible for us to be capable of falling into darkness and taking a life. I think this is why Sex and Death are such a huge part of our entertainment industry, as it is a medium through which we can explore these sides of ourselves in a safe way. We know deep down we are all capable of terrible things, and though we may not wish to act upon these impulses they are there underneath nonetheless, sometimes manifesting in an obsessive interest with the macabre.

Our need for love can get distorted into lust and sex, as these are easier to sell than finding that one in a billion to love. Of course romance is a big seller in movies and books too, it just depends on if you are targeting men or women. The fact that this is the case should bring us hope. No matter how dark someones life becomes it is always possible for it to turn around, and love is the key to this. Since the opposite is also true: good souls can kill for the greater good and then once they crossed the line it becomes easier to do it again. We need to come to terms with our dark sides so they do not over take us due to repression.

When we look into things like the sex trade and trafficking, we can see this principle in action. When a Poisoned soul is not able to admit their need for love, like every other human being, it becomes repressed. Sometimes they do this because of a need to keep their bad reputation in tact to keep their pecking order. Or maybe because they have old unbearable pain surrounding their limited notions of love. Thieves can also fall into this detached state about love too, but because they fear commitment; not due to a fear of intimacy, betrayal and rejection, as is often the case with poisoned souls.

Even Poison feels the need for a connection to another being somehow, even if it can only expressed in sex. Since they have ruled out love as an avenue for fulfilling this need they far more often get what they need via casual sex, prostitution, or sexual abuse. This is why we have to remember how important love is. No matter who we are, whether we admit it or not, we need to be close to other people. We would not try and substitute the lack of love if it were not something fundamental to our needs. Sometimes we are in situations that are not conducive to admitting that. Sometimes to be effective we have to have mask after mask, wall upon wall up to protect ourselves from the world. No matter how many barriers you put up, love can still break them all down again when you are ready to open up to it and you meet the right person.

What You Think About Counts

This theory also raises the question about the importance of our actions and decisions. Who we are, our soul activity, can influence the lives we lead, the places we go, the principles we hold dear. The actions we take will determine how the soul splits its counterparts, and what parallel worlds are then created or influenced. The path you take will not be available to your other counterparts, and they have only the alternatives. You could make a great decision for yourself and your universe, but the polar opposite decision could be disastrous for those in that parallel universe. There are consequences to think about all round, even if in the end we play all parts for the soul to learn.

Whole Souls and Elementals are a little different. They have a limited soul reach. As the number of parallel universes involved are far fewer due to the low number of counterparts. These kind of souls can affect big change if they influence another soul that has many more counterparts than they do (and so can reach more parallel universes). Due to their high element activity, Elementals/Whole Souls can be the agents of great sweeping change if they know the right people, or capture the attention of the masses at the right moment with the right idea. This rapid change could be great or disastrous, depending on what the Elemental/Whole Soul does.

So we have to start being smart about what we choose to focus our minds on, since our thoughts and imagination can shape our future. We have to start thinking ahead before we act. Yet we can take this to the other extreme and be afraid to act at all. This is why we must learn to follow our soul and respect, accept, and master the elements, and not let them control us when our ability to repress them fails. Sometimes bad things happen, and we have to face that, but we should at least respect the realms enough to be careful about what we create, for all our sake. We do create our own reality, it’s just that what we create can also impacts the reality of others.

Wrap Up

This brings my Beginner’s Guide to Soul Theory to an end. If I have overlooked things, or I uncover more information in the future, I may add to this over time. I’m sure that you will find many more interesting conclusions than the ones I’ve just listed above. This was just to give you a starting point as you decide what you want to take from this theory and what you want to leave behind. I hope that what I’ve been able to show you in this guide has given you something to think about and will inspire you for the better, wherever your soul may take you.

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